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2014 Midlands Synchronised Swimming Championships

The city of Birmingham Synchro club delivered fantastic results at the Midlands competition, they medalled in 13 of the 18 events entered. The total medal tally was 12 Gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze, with all 5 teams taking gold by good margins.

The highlights were Phoebe Bradley-Smith's championship solo where she scored 70.8667 for her free routine and overall won by nearly 12 points. Phoebe and her duet partner Lois Powell also romped home with a gold medal for the 15/17 age group duet with a new Cuban inspired routine which saw them winning by a clear 10 points.

Lily Bradley-Smith and Melanie Whitburn narrowly missed out on the bronze medal for their duet by 0.27 of a mark and Sydney Jackson missed out on a medal in the 13/14 figures by 0.5 of a mark.

The 12 and under team gave an excellent performance with a gold in the team event, 7th place in the figures (Shona), 5th place in the solo (Tegan) and 4th place in the duet (Tegan and Katherine).

Gold Medals
15/17 figures (Phoebe Bradley-Smith)
18/19 figures (Madison Griffith)
15/17 solo (Phoebe Bradley - Smith)
18/19 solo (Madison Griffith)
Championship solo (Phoebe Bradley-Smith)
15/17 Duet (Phoebe Bradley-Smith/Lois Powell)
Championship Duet (Phoebe Bradley-Smith/Lois Powell)
12 and under team [video]
13/14 team [video]
15/17 team [video]
19 and under team [video]
Championship team [video]

Silver medals
18/19 figures (Hannah Smith)
Championship Solo (Madison Griffith)
13/14 solo (Sydney Jackson)
15/17 duet (Lucy Rouse/Jodie Norton)
13/14 duet (Sydney Jackson/Zoe Pain)

Bronze medals
15/17 figures (Lois Powell)
Championship solo (Lucy Rouse)
15/17 solo (Lucy Rouse)
Championship duet (Lucy Rouse/Madison Griffith)




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